Fees for Service

What is unique about Dana’s consults?

Why do the animals want to say so much to her?

Because Dana’s natural ability is best suited for in-depth communication with animals.

Dana knows that an animal’s thoughts, feelings, and wisdom run deep. Her strength is in her ability to receive messages from them that are often on a higher level. She consistently connects with the deeper, more spiritual and emotional aspects of the animals.

Huge compassion and respect for their rich, personal emotional worlds are keys to how she has developed her abilities and work style. She believes that with adequate time and attention invested, animals, like humans, are more likely to feel safe enough to open up about themselves. With this approach, more thorough, complete communications are achieved.

Dana offers different types of sessions and rates. Choose how and where you’d like to hear from your companion with any of the following:

  • Complete comprehensive consult
  • Live telephone session
  • Private session at your home
  • Group sessions


Dana invests her best energy and focus into each case because she believes that the animals –and their people—deserve undivided attention when looking into their animal’s emotional world.

To accomplish this, Dana invests a full 3-hour block of time to each case, rather than working by a time clock. This allows the animal to dictate the length of their own session and be comfortable to share what they want to for as long as they want. Because she works with animals on deep levels, she does not work over the phone during these sessions. Instead, they are private, focused meditations with the animal by way of long-distance communication and the use of a photograph. By devoting more one-on-one time to them, they have shown to be more willing to express themselves more fully --rather than feeling rushed by shorter, limited time increments. If we are to truly understand them, they need time and a safe space to open up about themselves.

A complete comprehensive consult produces a complete written transcript of the private portion of the session with the animal. Dana then takes extensive notes immediately after their session. During the client consult, the entire dialogue and transcript will be shared with you. These unique stages make the experience full and complete because you will get to hear the special nuances and individual language your animal uses. Equally, Dana believes that people, too, need time to digest the information that their animals have shared; for this reason the humans also receive undivided attention and care.

The complete consult has three parts (see description below) and all are included into one flat rate. An entire three-part session usually requires a full block of Dana’s time lasting approximately 3 hours. Clients are not billed on an hourly basis; this flat rate covers the entire session.

The flat-rate fee for a complete comprehensive consult is $385 USD. This includes ALL of the time necessary to complete a thorough, in-depth communication, evaluation and client consult.


These sessions may be preferable depending upon your concerns or interests. In the live session, the client remains on the phone while Dana connects with the animal and can ask questions during the call. It is more of a 3-way dialogue and is always very interesting to hear them communicate in real time. Because Dana prefers to work more in-depth with the animal, these sessions are also designed to accomplish a thorough and detailed communication. They do not include a written transcript of the communication because it is conducted “in person.”

Live telephone sessions can be scheduled for 30 minutes, and up to 1.5 hours in length.

The flat-rate fees for a live telephone consult are:

30-minutes $90 USD

60-minutes $195 USD - Recommended for more serious issues

90-minutes $255 USD - Recommended for lost animals* or behavior issues *(Please see Lost Animal Consultations page)

(Rescue rates are applied when appropriate. Please see below for more information.)

*Note: 30-minute sessions are best for communications with questions revolving around a single issue or concern. Longer sessions enable a more in-depth look at your pet’s inner world. Dana can recommend a session choice based upon what the situation may call for.

In some cases it may be recommended that more than one session be scheduled to resolve issues. Behavior cases often benefit greatly with additional sessions when working through a potentially difficult problem. If someone elects to continue working on their pet’s issue after the initial session, the additional sessions are offered at reduced rates.

Lost animals cases may also be addressed with a live session but should always be either 1- or 1.5 hours in length to gather as much information as possible and allow time to strategize based on their input.


Sometimes it is preferable to consult privately and meet with the animals while they are in their own environment. In-home consult rates are as follows:

$250 for local visits that would be a 1-hour round-trip or less*

+$100 for each additional animal up to ½ hour (if applicable)

+$ 50 additional 30-minute increments over the first hour

*Travel time is included in session fee.

GROUP SESSIONS - Meeting with 3 or more animals at one location:

$125 – each animal up to 30 minutes

$ 50 – additional 30-minute increments thereafter


Fees and sessions for lost animal consults may be structured differently. For details and important information about lost animal consults, please refer specifically to the LOST ANIMAL CONSULTATIONS section on our web site at:



Dana has been a rescuer of animals all of her life. In her commitment to animal welfare work and to fellow rescue workers, Dana works with rescue groups and their active associates on a reduced-rate basis when appropriate. If you are a rescuer and/or work with a 501c3 non-profit animal welfare organization, please advise Dana.

She also considers requests when cases merit serious need for communication and whose caretakers are on limited incomes. In such cases, Dana requests compensation on a voluntary donation basis rather than as fee for service. Please inquire directly for further information.

The three parts of the Complete Comprehensive Consult are as follows:

  1. Initial consult with client

· Determine the purpose of the communication

· Take notes about concerns, discuss issues

· Form questions to be asked during the communication session

· Discuss expectations and how client can participate in resolution of issues (if applicable)

  1. Private communication session with the animal

· Done in deep, quiet meditation, not on the telephone, and scheduled separately from consult with the client

· Animal’s need dictates length of session

· Long-distance communication method is usually employed, along with animal’s photo

  1. Final consult with client

· Discuss content and significance of your animal’s communication

· Includes a synopsis and full-length read-back of communication. Includes the fine details and nuances shared by the animal during communication that can only be fully appreciated by a read-through of their exact words and phrases

· Generous time is allowed for client’s questions and thoughts about what animal has shared and why

· Discuss how information can be used to improve and benefit all parties

· Strategize when/if necessary

All requests will be acknowledged by phone or email within 24 hours. Sessions will be scheduled ONLY after complete PayPal receipt and photographs have been received. Photographs are not required, but always encouraged. Incoming requests are scheduled in the order they are received; however, lost animals or those in need of urgent attention may receive priority scheduling.


Complete written transcripts of your animal’s session may also be optionally purchased for an additional fee of $85.00. (Transcripts are only available for complete comprehensive consults or lost animal complete evaluations.) Preparation time for these documents is approximately one week from the time they are purchased and will be sent to you directly by US Mail.

For more information, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call directly to either 520. 578. 0328 or 626. 536. 7001.