Testimonials from people who care about their animals


Dana helped our family when a new male cat showed up to join our two female sisters. To make a long story short, it has not been a simple and easy matter. The most important thing to communicate is that Dana stuck with us and still is doing so. She doesn't just "read you or your animals" and go on her way. We are grateful for her commitment to each and all of us.

Sherry Z.

“Hi Dana,

My missing cat was found on December 29th, 6 weeks after we lost him. He weighed only 5.5 pounds and has been with a vet tech for the last few days receiving fluids and food every 4 hours. Some employees found him foraging in their staff lounge eating popcorn. They lured him with a can of cat food and called me immediately. What an ordeal!

Thank you so much for working with me and giving me some peace of mind. We knocked on dozens of neighbor's door, posted hundreds of flyers, and refused to give up on him even after 6 weeks. Your advice was much appreciated.“

South Pasadena, CA

I had been told by another source that my pet Yorkshire Terrier, Baby, had a major illness and that it was terminal. I was devastated. I got on the internet and found Dana. Something brought me to her and I emailed her in desperation. In a session, Dana communicated with both Baby and me.

It was a beautiful experience! Dana, with her God-given gift, could validate that this major illness was not so. I was much relieved and so was my mother. I did convey to Dana that it was time for Baby’s full wellness lab work the following week and that at least I would be able to take him to the vet without having a nervous breakdown from worry. I did follow up with Dana after Baby’s lab work results came in, and everything was NORMAL!

Dana is such a compassionate and beauty of a soul. Actually, there are no words to express my gratitude for her coming to our rescue. She is an amazing, caring, and extremely sensitive gifted person with deep compassion for our pets as well as with us people. Thank you, Dana, from the three of us! You are certainly a very unique and exceptional person. Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts!

Sonia Naveda
Arcadia, CA

Dana and her amazing gift completely changed my relationship with my cat, Pelusa. I contacted her after Pelusa had been missing for over a week. She had been known to disappear for days on end, but never for this long. Dana’s session with my beloved cat not only confirmed my suspicions that I had a very independent and strong-headed animal; but most importantly allowed me to hear from Pelusa's perspective what her disappearing acts were all about. I learned quickly from listening to Pelusa that I needed to offer more respect to the fact that my cat knows exactly what she's doing and allow her the freedom to do it. Pelusa returned the next day after the session, and now only goes on very short "walkabouts", never staying away for more than a few hours. After releasing her from my expectations and worry, the connection and trust we share is stronger than ever. Dana was so friendly, supportive, and amazing, I can't wait to have readings with my other animals.”

Angela Forbes
El Centro, CA

Last summer, I was in extreme distraught and wracked with guilt when one of my beloved cats disappeared. For a number of days I was inconsolable. I went on the internet and discovered Dana. I then remember reading an article about her in the LA times. I set up an appointment, and within a short period of time we connected.

Listening to her voice, I felt her love and compassion for all souls. The journey of my cat, Amir was a profound and powerful one. Dana explained that he was returning to his spiritual origins, and his stay with me was only temporary. Immediately, I felt at peace, knowing that he was now where he belonged. My grief turned into a celebration of his spirit and my guilt was lifted. Since that day, I often think of Dana and her words, and I feel very grateful!

This summer, she communicated with my “alpha” cat since often I feel stress about him. Again, through Dana's communication, my stress has been lifted, and my wonderful cat has reassured me that my stress is not so necessary.

I feel as though Dana is my friend with a special gift because she truly understands human emotions and spirits and well as those of animals.

Debbie Ishida
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Kimba, our German Shepherd, was my best friend and loved by many. Ten days ago we lost her to cancer. We were faced with the most agonizing decision to put her to sleep. I was inconsolable and my grief was indescribable beyond words. My longing for her was so intense that it brought me into deep depression. The day I called Dana was the day my grief overshadowed me. The decision to make the call was the beginning of my healing process.

I sought Dana's assistance and she graciously connected with her. My sweet Kimba relayed her message to Dana to pass on to me. It was the most beautiful, comforting and reassuring message that, only in dreams, such a message can be delivered.

Kimba has opened a pathway to my soul that connects with hers, a connection fueled by overwhelming love. Although she is no longer here, she is still with us and I am learning even more. She has let me know there is a fine line between our world and the Other Side. We have a higher existence after our life here on Earth. I feel the love stronger than ever while she waits for me.

This profound experience has made me see life differently now and has given me a glimpse of what awaits us in the Other Side.

Carolyn Berg
Simi Valley, CA

Some years ago I had a cat that was very ill and had to be put to sleep. I did not ask the cat how she felt about dying; I made the decision and simply went ahead. That omission has haunted me for years. Whenever I thought about it I was deeply saddened. I now am faced with the same problem, having a very sick cat that is suffering and needs to be put to sleep. However, remembering the guilt I have long felt, I decided this time to first ask the cat.

Animal communication is such a special ability. Who would have it, and how would I know if they were genuine? I silently asked for help and started my search. My attention was immediately drawn to Dana, and although I knew nothing about her I made an appointment. Immediately upon meeting her I was put at ease. She is a lovely person, both in character as well as demeanor. And her ability is nothing short of awesome. I had no photograph of the cat I was asking help for, but within a few minutes she had established communication.

The session lasted much longer than we had planned because I had so many questions, but she continued to work with me and answered everything I wanted to know. I now feel comfortable in facing what I previously had dreaded. I learned so much in that short time about that cat and my relationship with it that it astounds me.

I recommend Dana to anyone without reservation. She is truly insightful and with an ability that is almost magical. I am very blessed to have found her, and I am absolutely certain anyone who uses her services will feel as I do.

Hans Scheider
Los Angeles, CA


I just wanted to say again thank you so much for your communication session. You've helped tremendously.

Thank you.”

Pamela Lynam
Tasmania, Australia

“Dear Dana,

Thank you so much for our sessions today. I feel tremendous healing, already. My horse was such a powerful influence on me and it was good to get confirmation that she is still a powerful presence in my life. Knowing that will be a great benefit for me going forward into ‘uncharted territory.’

Immediately after our session I worked with our dog also, and during it I felt a beautiful communication with him that I cannot even put into words.

Thank you so much for what you do, for sharing your gift, and for making the sessions possible so that I could take advantage of your talents.”

Carole N.
Los Angeles, CA

“My cat Oscar went missing in May, 2012 after massive personal upheaval both physical and emotional. Neither he nor I were happy. In desperation, I contacted Dana after she was recommended by other communicators here in New Zealand. Dana swiftly organized a session and made contact with Oscar. It was a very complicated situation due to location and other factors. Through Dana, a channel of communication was opened for us that helped me better understand where Oscar was at. After SEVEN MONTHS, Oscar was found!

Without Dana's help, support, advice and encouragement to trust the bond between Oscar and me, I don't believe he would have ever been found.

I never gave up hope. Thank you, Dana.”

Bridget I.
Dunedin, Otago
New Zealand

“Gerdou, My Cat in Spirit:

One sad day, I woke up to a much dreaded world with a gaping hole in my soul. Words have no colors to paint the beauty of my love for my beloved cat, Gerdou. She was the most beautiful and enchanted flower of my soul.

Dana: I don't know which angel of God send you my direction, but I am eternally grateful to heaven and earth for you. Our long conversation from the very beginning was on a different plane of existence, as we both were in the presence of something greater than our limited human mind could grasp or analyze. Through you, I had the privilege for the first time hear, in tangible terms, the words of the grand soul that shared 8 years and 8 months of her precious life with me. I was taken aback by the affirmations you gave of what I only knew to be true--of our deep love and connection.

The door became open and I was breathless with exhilaration to have close contact with her and the constant reassurance that true love never dies. Gerdou’s reading calmed my heart and I found the ground under my feet…this time with a grand longing for when we will meet again.

Love, Peace and Light to the Light Being who helped heal my wounded heart.”

Mahasti Moghadas
Northridge, CA

“When Daisy went missing, my first impulse was to reach out to an animal communicator. I immediately thought of Dana. She was able to tap in and integrate our ground search by staying in touch with our dog.

When an animal disappears, there is a helpless and frantic terror driving the situation. Dana was the bridge between the unbearable state of fear, and the unknown--where Daisy was. We did everything we could to search for our dog, but had no idea where she was--whether she was in imminent danger or even alive. Without Dana being able to shed light into it, I wouldn't have been able to sustain the energy it took to continue the ground search. Dana was often the only thread of hope. There is no way I would have been able to do this without her.

Dana’s availability and compassion was my lifeline through the dark days and nights of the search. I am forever grateful--for not just her ability, but her heart and empathy. She is a true gift.

Thank you, Dana! I hope we never have to look for a missing animal again! But, if we do, you will be an integral part of our search team.

With Much Love,


Nicole Salter
Los Angeles, CA


So, as you thought, Zack showed up on the porch on Wednesday night as if no time had lapsed. He looked completely healthy and didn't appear to have lost weight. We were ecstatic (he was probably wondering what all the fuss was about!).

Thank you so much for your hard work and concern and especially for being available on New Year's eve. You are wonderful.”

Portland, OR

“Dear Dana,

There is a very definite difference in Joey since speaking with you. He is truly trying very hard to be our good dog.  He has only bitten me once when I did not see him, and I think I must have startled him. I told him no and he said OK, then he changed the mood from biting me to wanting to love. What a dog, I really think he now understands that we just want to love him. He really did not understand that before. We all thank you again, each and every day for what you were able to accomplish with Joey. We are now a real family.

Thank you, your ability to communicate with our kids really made a difference.


Margie, Mike, Nancy, Molly, and most of all Joey.”

Marjorie Brinkman
Mission Hills, CA

Dana.........you are not going to believe this!!!!   Sit down!!!!

When I left last night for work at 10 PM...Ted was coming from the north, headed down the road to home!!!!!! I happened to spot him along side of the road. He hesitated when I jumped out of the car, but then seemed happy...just a bit nervous when I tried to load him in to the car....but, once in was fine…and seemed happy to see my husband too. Someone had to have been taking care of him. He has not lost any weight and his coat is nice and shiny.

I wanted to email you right away. I can't thank you enough. I was so very comfortable with you...and you kept me calm. As soon as I settle down from this adventure, I am going to have you do a reading for me…thank you, thank you.”

Roxanne Allard
Brownington, VT

“Hi Dana,

I’ve got great news! Last night I received a call from someone to say they could see Tilly. I went to check, and now I have her back!! I'm still in shock, I can’t believe it! She has been missing for 6 weeks and 6 days. She is skinny and her fur is really matted, but apart from that, she is very happy and hasn’t stopped purring since!!

Thank you so much for all your help, I am so grateful!

I contacted Dana in the hope that she would be able to help me find my missing cat, Tilly. At that point, she had been missing for 5 weeks. I was very happy with our communication session. Dana was accurate in her vision about where Tilly was and how she was living, and also that she was still close by. Dana gave great advice during and after our appointment. I found my Tilly after she had been missing for 6 weeks and 6 days. I believe that I was able to find her due to the session I had with Dana, along with posting leaflets through doors, searching every day and never giving up hope. Thank you!!”

Natasha Bradley
East Sussex, England

“Two weeks after my cat disappeared, I wanted desperately to speak with an animal communicator. From Dana’s website, I sensed that she had a deep relationship with animals. She works in coyote rescue, which meant to me that she connects to all animals, wild predators as well as household cat and dog friends. That she has a science degree and is a musician meant that she has multiple interests and sensitivities that would likely enhance her work.

My in-person meeting with Dana was wonderful. I had intuited that my missing cat left for a reason. I thought I understood why, but needed validation. Dana thoughtfully both questioned and listened to me and my cat. Acting as a bridge, she helped me understand his perspective. Everything was shared with poetry and tenderness. My cat did not return, yet I feel the love we share with certainty. I am grateful to Dana for facilitating this enduring connection between us. Thank you.”

Laurie Alper
Santa Monica, CA

“There are not enough words to explain the awesome experience we had with Dana when she communicated with my service dog, Sierra.  We now have a much better understanding of her.  There is no price, nor enough thank you’s, for all the important info we got and for what she was able to translate to us about our "daughter" Sierra.  We now know why she does things, and with the info Dana relayed to us, we also feel that we are making Sierra's life a bit more enjoyable.  We are so lucky and thankful to Sierra for once again guiding us to a very special friend!  Thank you Dana, for giving us a better understanding of Sierra!”

Dianna Simuns
Yuba City, CA

“I called Dana after a cat I had recently rescued escaped from his new foster home. She tuned into Tommy and told me that he was still around, but that in order for him to get to his forever home, and to a place he could be happy, he had to first disappear. He did turn up at the shelter shortly thereafter, and was then given another “temporary” home until a forever home could be found. This new couple was initially reluctant to foster him, but within 24 hours they called and said they’d fallen in love and that he wasn’t going anywhere…they were in love and wanted to keep him! So he did have to disappear to get to his forever, loving home after all! Dana gave me hope that I would find him; but if I didn't, he’d be okay, because he was supposed to leave that home to find another--which he did!

Thank you, Dana!”

Sylva Kelegian
Los Angeles, CA

“I would like to write a testimonial about how outstanding you were in helping me communicate with my lost kitty, Patches. She ran away when my husband decided to bring home a new puppy. I was devastated, as Patches had been a gift for my birthday 18 years ago. She grew up with me and was always there for me. Dana helped me to understand her better and what she needed in order to come back home. Two days after talking with Dana, a woman called to tell me that she had found Patches. She’d been taking care of her until she found who her owner was. I felt such a sense of comfort after speaking with you, Dana, and everything you said about Patches was exactly like her.

One of Patches’ favorite places to sleep was upstairs on the guest bed tucked behind the pillows. You told me that when Patches did come home, all that she wanted to do was to sit "high up in the pillows." How amazing! She loved to sleep in these pillows! And, in fact, the day she came home she spent her first night "high up in the pillows." I am so happy to have her home again! I also now have a new respect for my kitty--thanks to you, Dana!”

Andrea Eiseman
Seattle, WA

“Hi, Dana!

We found her! We found Lila.

She's at the Pasadena Humane Society.

Thank you for all your help. I really cannot explain how thankful I am to have come in contact with you. Without you, I think I might have just given up.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Los Angeles, CA

“I was gone for fifteen minutes! That's all it took for my slow moving, 20-year-old dog Sam to completely disappear. I was frantic! A wonderful woman who knew of Dana contacted me soon after and I knew I had to call her. Dana was able to talk to Sam and found out he didn't think he was lost, he was just doing something he had to do and that he was with someone who "didn't know how to get him back to me." Dana was also very honest and said Sam would only come home if that's what he wanted. A Dog Mom doesn't want to hear that, but by her being so honest, I knew Dana was the real deal! At one point, Dana said Sam was "sitting pretty."

Seven long days and sleepless nights later, Sam was dropped off at a private shelter over 15 miles away from home by a woman "who didn't know what to do with him." He was "sitting pretty" in the back of her truck on a big mattress!  Thank you, Dana, for keeping me sane during such a stressful time. I feel like I've been given a second chance to be the Dog Mom that Sam deserves!”

Toni Martinovich
San Pedro, CA

“March 17, 2012, was one of the worst days of our family’s life. Our Chihuahua, Franky, got scared and ran off the property. We researched many different animal communicators and were in contact with three or four of them. Each did a one-time session, but were not able to give any information to help us find him. We were growing impatient and our hope was becoming thin when we heard about Dana, and she communicated wonderfully with Franky.

Franky was gone for a total of 13 days and when we didn’t find him at first, she reassured us not to give up and keep our hope. She continued to communicate with Franky throughout the days and reassured him that we loved him and wanted to find him. She stayed in contact with us periodically and would tell us everything that Franky had told her.

As more days passed, our family felt like giving up when Dana called and told us that Franky was on the move again. She was able to narrow down the area where he was and told us to walk around that area and make a trail of our scents and a path home so he could follow it. The next evening, during a rainstorm, I heard a cry and ran to the door to find Franky looking in the front window.

Thank You Dana, for reuniting Franky with our family and not giving up on him. We are so blessed to have had found you and we are forever grateful. God has giving you an amazing gift and thank you for using it to help him come home.”

Lynn Johnson
Belle Plaine, MN

“I have just gotten off of the phone with Dana and am feeling closer than ever to my little pooch! Hearing his voice, diction, and personality come through in Dana’s reading has brightened my day and will continue shed light on the way my dog and I interact for years to come.

Thank you, Dana!”

Tarzana, CA

“I cannot express how comforting the communication sessions were for me. I needed to hear from my dog, and Dana communicated beautifully for her. I felt so in touch with her. Dana was extremely sensitive and caring through the process. She is an amazing person and I highly recommend everyone that needs to get in touch with their pet to call her. She is a special and rare soul.”

Lori H.
Lancaster, CA

“I had been researching different animal communicators in search of the perfect one who could help me understand my sweet angel Puff a little better. He is a special needs dog and I have had questions and anxiety over his level of comfort in life.  I saw Dana on ABC Nightline and knew in my heart she was the one who could help bridge this communication gap.  I feel that her technique truly allows the animal to genuinely open up and express themself. She is the most compassionate person, and her loving energy is so warm and welcoming.  I never thought in a million years I could love my little Puff more, but after hearing what he had to say (in his exact words no less!), I love him even more and now can enjoy every moment to the absolute fullest knowing he is comfortable with all his physical limitations.

Dana shared laughter and tears with me as she revealed his thoughts. She really is one of the most genuine people I've ever spoken with.  As she read what my little darling had to say, her voice radiated with love and compassion for both Puff and me.  Since communicating with him, he has been more energetic and vocal.  He has been able to walk more sturdily, and the intestinal ailments he had been suffering with for weeks improved dramatically within just days.  Knowing how he phrases his thoughts has brought us that much closer and having this understanding has allowed so much more light into both of our lives.

Thank you again, Dana, for your contribution to this world and for bridging humans closer to such blessed beings. You are magnificent, and I cherish my experience with you.”

Christine P.
Spring, TX

“I contacted Dana when my cat, Savannah, went missing. She is a pampered, indoor-only cat and I was very worried about her being on her own outside. Dana was very concerned and called me back immediately. She was able to contact with Savannah the following day and received quite a bit of information from her. Savannah was very eager to communicate. Dana let me know that she didn't consider herself lost, that she was on an adventure and would return home when she was finished. She also instructed me to stop projecting my negative "worry" energy and to stop trying to trap Savannah because these behaviors were causing her distress. I asked Dana to enlist the help of my outdoor cat, Duke, to bring Savannah home. Initially Duke refused to help, but help he did, because both he and Savannah returned home the following morning after she had been missing for 7 days. Dana did a great job in convincing my little Savannah to come home and I will be forever grateful for her assistance.”

Susan D.
Northridge, CA

“My daughter’s dog, Dottie, went missing. Much attention was given to the search: flyers, telephone alerts, post cards, tarps, walking, calling and crying. After a week of frantic searching, a brave pet lover who had used Dana’s services reached out to me and suggested we call her. I made the call. Dana contacted Dottie on Tuesday and reviewed with me on Wednesday. Dana reported that Dottie communicated to her that “she went with someone.”

Dana helped me to focus my intention and I began to listen to my instincts and feelings.  I am ever grateful to her and for her communication. I widened my search to include adjacent cities; Dottie was returned home on Saturday morning.  She had been 13 miles away the whole time. I have been changed forever changed by a white 11-pound Chihuahua with red spots and a bad left knee…she had a lot to say!”

Kathy Romeo
Perris, CA

“Four years after the disappearance of our baby, Brian, a four-year-old Maltese, I still find myself thinking about his whereabouts and worrying about his condition. After reading a story in the LA Times about how an animal communicator helped in the rescue of a sick coyote, I was prompted to contact Dana Miller to contact my little Brian. She reached out to him and relayed a message to me from him. According to Brian, he's with a family who loves him and cares so much for him. He still remembers us but is quite content with his new family. This message gave me closure and has urged me to move forward and let go. Brian will never be forgotten and will forever be a part of our family's treasure of memories.”

Rachel Delacruz
Hollywood, CA

“When our rescued cat, Elliott, escaped on the first day at his new foster home, a friend recommended that I call Dana. I needed all the help I could get since neither Elliott nor I were familiar with the foster’s neighborhood. With Dana’s guidance, I walked the area nearly every evening, doing communication techniques that she recommended so that I could also communicate with Elliott while I looked for him.

One evening as I was just about to end my search for that day, I saw a cat run across the street.  It was already dark but there was just enough light left for me to see Elliott’s telltale bunny-hop way of running. Because he was so scared, it still took a few more evenings to finally catch him. But with Dana’s help, he eventually went into a trap I had set up. I never actually thought he would go in because he was extremely wary of traps, but after Dana communicated with him and told him that going in the trap would bring him home again, he did it – and there wasn’t even any food in it at the time!”

San Diego, CA

“When Dana came over to relay to our family what our two dogs had to say, they become excited in a way we had never seen. Their energy level and attentiveness were beyond normal levels.  It was amazing to hear the actual words that the animals conveyed in conversation.  Our sense of the experience was that our pets mirror our own frailties, thoughts, and ideas - and indeed share our lives in ways we don’t usually perceive.  They mimic our speech patterns and take on our problems.  Their energy continues to be high weeks after Dana’s visit. We think it is their way of saying “thank you for having someone hear what we think and for wanting to listen.”

Dana Miller has an amazing ability to perceive what your pets think and feel.  She gave us insights into our pets’ relationships with each other; their priorities; and what we can do better.  She also affirmed that our dogs are happy, healthy and well.  What a gift it is to benefit from interspecies communication – an evolutionary concept that Dana brings to the present day.

Thank you, Dana, for filling us in on what our pets want us to know.”

Ida Unger
Tujunga, CA

“Donut has been with us for 2 years and always hangs around the house, never far from home.  On December 29th, he literally disappeared!  A friend suggested I contact you.  You were wonderful and very understanding!  When you connected with Donut you did not feel he had passed over, that he was around, and as a matter of fact very close by! He needed to go away to work on a spiritual aspect of himself, something he really needed to do. You said he asked us to please not look for him, and that he would most probably return when he was done doing what he needed to do, and to please give him his space.

We did just that. He was gone for 5 days. On Sunday morning, I opened the back door, and Donut walked in! He was ready to eat and continue on just as before.  Needless to say I was thrilled, but knew in my heart he would walk in. Just like you said! Without your wisdom and kind words, I would have been unable to function. I trusted and believed you. I really can't thank you enough for your wonderful gift and the ability to communicate with the ones we love!”

Merrill Flam
Los Angeles, CA

“I have to THANK YOU with my WHOLE ENTIRE HEART for helping to bring my lost boy home! I have no idea what I ever would have done if I hadn’t had you to lean on and support me in communicating with my doggy! You were the biggest inspiration and rock in my life the week Mr. Bean went missing. I thank God for you every single time I look at him. I hope others are as lucky to have such an amazing person in their lives as we did when we needed it! “


Julie Stephenson & Family
Hollywood, CA

“I found Dana Miller when Izzy, our cat of 13 years, went missing. We had talked with other animal communicators and, though sometimes felt encouraged, ended up with the sense of being spun around and pushed into different directions in our search. We even decided to compliment the "intuitive" communicators with the "scientific" by hiring search dogs that are trained to find lost pets. From the beginning of our help from Dana, she made it clear that she couldn't guarantee anything (if our cat didn't want to be found or didn't want to communicate, there wasn’t much help to offer), but did say she would see this through and be with us for the long haul.

Dana was the one communicator that echoed what information the search dogs brought. She "stayed in touch" with our cat on a regular basis, which was a great relief to us. While Izzy has not returned home to us yet...there is still a bittersweet happy ending. Dana was able to assure us that Izzy is well, happy, and helping someone with a great need. It was almost as if he had been given a new assignment in life. She was able to communicate that Izzy missed us and was lonely for his home, but that this journey was something that he had to go on...and she could assure us, that if circumstances permit, he will try to come home, as he knows our love for him is as deep as his is for us.

Dana has an amazing talent/gift and a deep compassion for animals as well as their people. She knows that our animals are more than "pets,” but rather, a part of our families with paths of their own to act upon.

I hope I don't need Dana's help finding a lost pet again (!!), but am grateful beyond words to have found her friendship and concern...even as it pertains to our other cats at home with us. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Greg Brandt
Valley Village, CA

“Because of you, I got my sweet Lucy back. I am telling everyone that because you spoke to Lucy, you were able to guide me to look in every nook and cranny. By telling me that she was too scared to let her presence be known and that I needed to keep searching the same areas over again, I found her. Exactly as you said, she was in a tiny space that I had walked past many times before, but when I took a slower pace, she came out….she’d been too scared to come out on her own!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Gina Hendrix
Burbank, CA

‘The Voice of the voiceless’ - that's what I call Dana. She might argue that they have very clear voices, and that it's just a matter of learning to listen for them. What's impressive about Dana is her humility with regard to her considerable gifts. She says anyone can do this with practice - but until I have the time for that, I will completely place my trust in hearing my animals speak through her. I have learned so much from them --and could not have done so without her.

When my 15-year-old Chloe was diagnosed with lymphoma, I contacted Dana in the hopes that she could lead me as to how to proceed. Ever honest, Dana reported to me that the usually chatty Chloe wasn’t talking. A week later and after several attempts, Dana told me that Chloe had finally decided to communicate --and that she had offered a startling revelation. The reason she hadn't wanted to speak to any of us, she said, was because "we’d already pegged her for dead!" Because we had just been through our other cat’s passing, she was, of course, completely right! Furthermore, she indicated that she perceived herself as still very much alive and did not want us to give up on her.

We immediately adjusted our preconceptions and attitudes about her condition and went on to experience the most extraordinary times with our girl that we had ever had. Though we lost her sometime later, the fact that we'd listened to what she wanted to tell us allowed us to experience her strength, her courage, her wisdom, and her nobility of spirit. We would have missed all of that without Dana.”

Paula Montgomery
Tujunga, CA

“When I first started training my horse, Sonny, he was six years old. He was overzealous, extremely sensitive, and all his reactions were very dramatic. I called Dana for assistance with him for many reasons, but mostly because I was getting frustrated with his over-reactivity to just about everything. Dana connected well with him and obtained some very important information about him and his personality, which helped me immensely.

She has continued to help Sonny and me many times, and he loves talking to her and has trust in her. I now feel confident that I will be able to get him past these issues with Dana's assistance.

Dana is a very compassionate person. The animals pick up on it immediately and will confide in her. She has a true gift and it is awesome that she is available to all of us and our animals so that we may have a healthier and happier relationship with them.

Thank you Dana, from both of us, for all of your love and support.”

Cheryl Johnson
Grass Valley, CA